Severe Intentions of Jonathan Grave

Step inside the mind of Jonathan Grave. He was born in a very dull day. Son of an alcoholic father, never felt the hands of his mother. No one can recall anything extraordinary about his presense during his childhood and young adult days.An invisible being breathing amongst people. It will appear to be hard to believe in such a story but indeed some woman tried to sit down at that bus to Birmingham from London which is of course very natural to have a seat but Jonathan was already sitting in that particular seat. He was invisible to the bone. Anyway, everything has changed. The way he was, the appeareance he had, the words he spoke, the path he chose; everything…

The Thursday came in a sunny mood. His window was open and the rays of sunlight woke him up like a lover. He stood in front of the bathroom mirror after a hot shower. The face was neat and sharp. The face was smooth like silk. The face was clever and charming. He gazed, tried to figure out this new guy. The muscles joined the scene. The shoulders and that stomach puzzled his mind. And the uneaten finger nails made him think that his soul was captured by another body. A real misery for an accountant , living zero adventure..

The wardrope was full of elegant and expensive suits. He wore Brioni Vanquish II, looked sharp as a knife in that soft and light tailoring. He put on leather derby brogues by Burberry, the best workhorse shoes. Final comb motion and there he was ready to face the world.

He wanted to take his ordinary watch which his grandad gave him in his sixteenth birthday. It was his custom behaviour to take off the watch and leave it on the kitchen counter. The door of the kitchen was moving back and forth. Creepy feelings covered his body as the dark liquid struck his sight. Tip toe to his kitchen and he found out… It was the watch laying on the floor, bleeding to death violantly. The watch cried his name, called him a murderer. All the time was devoured…

How to teach English to your Baby?

In many articles, you can read that it is always important for the baby to start talking to learn english. But here I will tell you otherwise. First of all, by the help of this method which I will try to give the clues of it in this article, my daughter learned English and Turkish at the same time.
Let’s take a look at how and when talking ability develops;


Baby’s Progress in Talking


At this stage in life, children are simply mimicking noises they hear. They are mostly keen on pitch and sound levels. You will hear them produce gurgling and cooling sounds.


In 4-7 months, you will expect some babbling sounds at first. You will be able to recognize the Bs, Ds and Ms in their sounds.


A child between the ages of 7 and 12 months has diversified sounds into squeals and grunts. You can expect the first words to be pronounced around the first birthday.


By this age, the child’s vocabulary has grown, and they will be able to pronounce a couple of words.


You are now able to understand better what the child is saying. The child will speak in small phrases and sentences a lot more.

1- Never underestimate the power of will

Despite all the pyschological issues, gathered around infant caring in your life, you must be determined to talk in English with your baby during your everyday life. You will see that the rest will become very easy.

2- Always respond to Cries!

Crying is one of the ways a baby learns to communicate, and in the first year crying is the key communication system. When you respond to your young one’s cries, babies learn that you hear them and they perceive the world as a place where their needs are met, making them feel safer.

3- Don’t forget to say good morning!

All babies are born with the ability to learn languages.They start listening in the womb. Their brains collect all the clues to learn and talk till they can speak out loudly. And this doen’t end of course.Your baby will develop receptive communication skills even before expressive skills. In other words, your young one will be able to comprehend what you are telling him even before he is able to speak on his own. It’s important to raise your baby in an environment that is filled with conversation, as this makes him able to speak naturally. The important thing here is that you don’t have to make the baby speak correctly. When you speak correctly, your baby learns to speak correctly as well.

You must place English in your everyday life from morning till the other morning. Say hello, tell what you are doing to your baby. If it is crying, tell your baby; “You must be hungary, my little baby”. Whatever you talk in your native tounge , you must say it in English. The other family members must talk in their native language for the baby to learn both languages. I was mostly alone with my baby, so I chose to talk in English in the mornings and afternoons and Turkish for the rest of the day. My baby started talking( first sounds) around 5 months. ( She could speak clearly around 13 months both of the languages). She never stopped since 🙂

* Always listen to nursery rhymes, learn and sing them. If not possible,listen together.

*Use big words. Children don’t perceive language as easy or hard — only meaningful or not meaningful. If they’re interested, the word has meaning.

*Use your voice to your advantage. Make your conversations lively and engaging, and vary your pitch and noise level when speaking.

*Be descriptive. Colors, shapes, and sizes bring your conversation to life.

*Use your daily routines. Diaper changes, baths, driving in the car, getting dressed — all are great times to talk.

*Read books. This is different than talking to your child, but the brain takes it all in, and reading complements your conversations.

*Take a break. You don’t need to talk every waking moment you’re with your child. Make conversations meaningful and valuable for you both.

4-Correlate Words with Actions
This is one of the best ways in teaching babies to talk. For example, if you see your baby touch his feet, take the opportunity to teach him by saying something like “feet.” If the child hears his daddy speaking, you can say “Daddy’s home.” If he becomes excited when the cat comes into the room, you can say “here’s your pussy cat.” The point is to teach the names by describing the actions.

Telling a baby what he is about to do helps him understand your language. You can tell the baby, “You are going to clean up” just before a bath, or “It’s time to feed” as you prepare the baby to eat. When changing the baby’s diaper, you can say “You need a diaper change.” This helps the baby to develop his language, and he also learns to understand what he is supposed to do and hence becomes active in that action.

You don’t just talk about the baby’s actions, but your actions as well. Self-talk helps the baby make sense of what is going on around them. You can describe your actions as you relate to the baby. You can say something like “I’m going to put you to sleep now” or “Daddy’s going to feed you today.”

5- Play games in English

Speaking is more exciting to the child when you make it a game. You can start a “what’s this” game, whereby you ask your kid to name objects, colors, and numbers in your surroundings. You can make the game fun by starting with objects that you know the child already knows, such as cars,and then sneak in new objects and words. With older children, you could have a more complex game of “what happens next.” Tell a story, and then let your child tell you how it ends or what happens next.

Doris Lessing-The Golden Notebook

Imagine you are breathing deeply ,under a blue sky on the grass. Your besties around you, telling their secrets to each other. Noone’s ashamed of who they truely are. You are not disgusted by the ants or any other insect , you let them explore you, perhaphs sometimes they bite you…And of course you are one of a kind woman.As the cool breeze you feel makes you sleepy, you are getting in a way of a dear journey of dreams. 

I felt this way as I was reading The Golden Notebook for the first time. It was the summer of 1999. To be a woman or to feel like a woman was like a far away country within me by that time and The Golden Notebook changed it forever.

“Sometimes I dislike women, I dislike us all, because of our capacity for not-thinking when it suits us; we choose not to think when we are reaching our for happiness.” 

At first, these words didn’t make sense. At first it was just a good written book, nothing more. But the following year , the book called me again. And then it became a ritual to visit the book every year for me. And then the words became clearer and more understandable. I was growing , my dreams were getting bigger and I was asking more of the world. But my reality was being great contrast to what I needed. So dissapointment was learnt in time. And The Golden Notebook turned into my inner voice in time.

“Because I was permanently confused, dissatisfied, unhappy, tormented by inadequacy, driven by wanting towards every kind of impossible future, the attitude of mind described by ‘tolerantly amused eyes’ was years away from me. I don’t think I really saw people then, except as appendages to my needs. It’s only now, looking back, that I understood, but at the time I lived in a brilliantly lit haze, shifting and flickering according to my changing desires. Of course, that is only a description of being young.”

Such a vocabulary. Hope it can impress someone else like it impressed me…