An African Tale “The Man Who Never Lied” For Kids

During the english sessions with my baby, ı always wanted to use rare folks and tales. The following folk tale is very special. I strongly recommend it for reading. Have fun…

Once upon a time there lived a very wise man who never, ever lied. His name was Mamad. Mamad was famous all over the land, far and wide, for his reputation of always telling the truth.
The king heard about Mamad and ordered his subjects to bring him to the palace. He looked at the wise man and asked:
” Mamad, is it true, that you have never lied?” ” It’s true.”
“And you will never lie in your life?”
” I will never lie in my life.”
“Okay, tell the truth, but be careful! Lies are cunning! They get on your tongue easily.”
Several days passed and the king called Mamad once again. The king was determined to trick Mamad into lying. With a big crowd gathered all around, the king talked with Mamad as he prepared to go hunting. With one foot in his horse’s stirrup, he ordered Mamad:
“Go to my summer palace and tell the queen I will be with her for lunch. Tell her to prepare a big feast. You will have lunch with me then.”
Mamad bowed down to the king and then set off to find the queen. The king laughed and said:
“We won’t go hunting and now Mamad will lie to the queen. Tomorrow we will laugh on his behalf.”
But the wise Mamad went to the palace and said:

“Maybe you should prepare a big feast for lunch tomorrow, and maybe you shouldn’t. Maybe the king will come by noon, and maybe he won’t.”
“Tell me will he come, or won’t he?” asked the queen.

“I don’t know whether he got on his horse or whether he put his left foot on the ground after I left.”
Everybody waited for the king. He came the next day and said to the queen:
“The wise Mamad, who never lies, lied to you yesterday.”
But the queen told him about the words of Mamad. The king realized that the wise man never lies, and says only that, which he saw with his own eyes.

First words and phrases for kids

This article is based on teaching english to your baby from birth. If you are teaching to a preschool kid, you must consider your child’s interests and personality when deciding which topics to teach, and let your child help you to choose. 
numbers (1–10; 10–20; 20–100)


adjectives (e.g. big, small, tall, happy, sad, tired)

the body parts



animals (e.g. pets, farm animals, wild animals)

food( mostly what you buy and cook)

It is essential to start “English time’ language, so use the same phrases with your child each time, e.g. ‘It’s English time! Let’s sit down. Which song shall we start with today?’ Children will soon pick up phrases such as please; thank you; Can I have …?; Where is …?; Point to …; What colour is it?; It’s …; I like …; I don’t like …

Don’t forget that having fun is the center of your teaching activities. Never push so hard. Have a good day….

How to teach English to your Baby?

In many articles, you can read that it is always important for the baby to start talking to learn english. But here I will tell you otherwise. First of all, by the help of this method which I will try to give the clues of it in this article, my daughter learned English and Turkish at the same time.
Let’s take a look at how and when talking ability develops;


Baby’s Progress in Talking


At this stage in life, children are simply mimicking noises they hear. They are mostly keen on pitch and sound levels. You will hear them produce gurgling and cooling sounds.


In 4-7 months, you will expect some babbling sounds at first. You will be able to recognize the Bs, Ds and Ms in their sounds.


A child between the ages of 7 and 12 months has diversified sounds into squeals and grunts. You can expect the first words to be pronounced around the first birthday.


By this age, the child’s vocabulary has grown, and they will be able to pronounce a couple of words.


You are now able to understand better what the child is saying. The child will speak in small phrases and sentences a lot more.

1- Never underestimate the power of will

Despite all the pyschological issues, gathered around infant caring in your life, you must be determined to talk in English with your baby during your everyday life. You will see that the rest will become very easy.

2- Always respond to Cries!

Crying is one of the ways a baby learns to communicate, and in the first year crying is the key communication system. When you respond to your young one’s cries, babies learn that you hear them and they perceive the world as a place where their needs are met, making them feel safer.

3- Don’t forget to say good morning!

All babies are born with the ability to learn languages.They start listening in the womb. Their brains collect all the clues to learn and talk till they can speak out loudly. And this doen’t end of course.Your baby will develop receptive communication skills even before expressive skills. In other words, your young one will be able to comprehend what you are telling him even before he is able to speak on his own. It’s important to raise your baby in an environment that is filled with conversation, as this makes him able to speak naturally. The important thing here is that you don’t have to make the baby speak correctly. When you speak correctly, your baby learns to speak correctly as well.

You must place English in your everyday life from morning till the other morning. Say hello, tell what you are doing to your baby. If it is crying, tell your baby; “You must be hungary, my little baby”. Whatever you talk in your native tounge , you must say it in English. The other family members must talk in their native language for the baby to learn both languages. I was mostly alone with my baby, so I chose to talk in English in the mornings and afternoons and Turkish for the rest of the day. My baby started talking( first sounds) around 5 months. ( She could speak clearly around 13 months both of the languages). She never stopped since 🙂

* Always listen to nursery rhymes, learn and sing them. If not possible,listen together.

*Use big words. Children don’t perceive language as easy or hard — only meaningful or not meaningful. If they’re interested, the word has meaning.

*Use your voice to your advantage. Make your conversations lively and engaging, and vary your pitch and noise level when speaking.

*Be descriptive. Colors, shapes, and sizes bring your conversation to life.

*Use your daily routines. Diaper changes, baths, driving in the car, getting dressed — all are great times to talk.

*Read books. This is different than talking to your child, but the brain takes it all in, and reading complements your conversations.

*Take a break. You don’t need to talk every waking moment you’re with your child. Make conversations meaningful and valuable for you both.

4-Correlate Words with Actions
This is one of the best ways in teaching babies to talk. For example, if you see your baby touch his feet, take the opportunity to teach him by saying something like “feet.” If the child hears his daddy speaking, you can say “Daddy’s home.” If he becomes excited when the cat comes into the room, you can say “here’s your pussy cat.” The point is to teach the names by describing the actions.

Telling a baby what he is about to do helps him understand your language. You can tell the baby, “You are going to clean up” just before a bath, or “It’s time to feed” as you prepare the baby to eat. When changing the baby’s diaper, you can say “You need a diaper change.” This helps the baby to develop his language, and he also learns to understand what he is supposed to do and hence becomes active in that action.

You don’t just talk about the baby’s actions, but your actions as well. Self-talk helps the baby make sense of what is going on around them. You can describe your actions as you relate to the baby. You can say something like “I’m going to put you to sleep now” or “Daddy’s going to feed you today.”

5- Play games in English

Speaking is more exciting to the child when you make it a game. You can start a “what’s this” game, whereby you ask your kid to name objects, colors, and numbers in your surroundings. You can make the game fun by starting with objects that you know the child already knows, such as cars,and then sneak in new objects and words. With older children, you could have a more complex game of “what happens next.” Tell a story, and then let your child tell you how it ends or what happens next.

The Lumineers- Angela Lyrics ( Türkçe Çevirisi)

When you left this town, with your windows down
And the wilderness inside
Let the exits pass, all the tar and glass
‘Til the road and sky align

The strangers in this town,
They raise you up just to cut you down
Oh Angela it’s a long time coming

And your Volvo lights lit up green and white
With the cities on the signs

But you held your course to some distant war
In the corners of your mind

From the second time around
The only love I ever found
Oh Angela it’s a long time coming
Home at last

Were you safe and warm in your coat of arms
With your fingers in a fist
Did you hear the notes, all those static codes
In the radio abyss

Strangers in this town,
They raise you up just to cut you down
Oh Angela it’s a long time coming
Oh Angela spent your whole life running( OH ANGELA TÜM HAYATINI KAÇMAKLA GEÇİRDİN)

Home at last
Home at last

Vacancy, hotel room, lost in me, lost in you
Angela, on my knees, I belong, I believe
Home at last
Home at last
Home at last
Home at last

Home at last, hmm

Çekişmeli Boşanma davası nasıl açılır?

İki tür boşanma davası vardır. Bunlardan çekişmeli boşanma ile ilgili prosedür bu yazıda değerlendirilecektir. Çekişmeli boşanma davası, taraflardan birisinin boşanmak istememesi yahut boşanma isteği taşıdımalarına rağmen hukuki sonuçlarla ilgili farklı sonuçlar istemeleri durumunda bu dava türüne başvurulur.
4721 sayılı Medeni Kanunumuzda geçen boşanma sebepleri şöyledir;
1. Zina
2. Hayata Kast, Pek Kötü Muamele, Onur Kırıcı Davranış
3. Küçük Düşürücü Suç İşleme ve Haysiyetsiz Hayat Sürme
4. Terk
5. Akıl hastalığı
6. Evlilik birliğinin temelden sarsılması

Boşanma davası açmak için gereken en önemli unsur bu konudaki fikrinizin kesin olduğuna güvenmenizdir. Aksi halde içinden çıkılmaz durumların doğmasına neden olunabilmekte ve affedilen tarafın yararına olacak şekilde dava sıkıntıları yaşanabilmekte, tekrar dava açılması ile ilgili sürelerin sancılı geçirilmesi sonucu doğabilmektedir. Söylenebilecek en değerli tavsiye şudur ki; en ufak bile şüpheniz var ise bu şüphenin ortadan kalkmasını bejlemelisiniz.

BOşanma davası dilekçesi Örneği

Aşağıda okuyacağınız tarzda boşanma davası dilekçelerinin değişik yazılmış hallerine internet üzerinden ulaşmak oldukça kolaydır ancak unutmamamın gereken her boşanma davası sizin evliliğinizin içeriğine göre farklılık gösterir. Bu açıdan dilekçeyi yazarken önemli unsurlar anlatmayı, delil( doktor raporu vb.) , tanık gibi temel bilgileri vermeyiunutmayınız ve bu bölümde verilebilecek olan en iyi tavsiye olarak yazılabilecek cümle şudur ki; AVUKAT TUTUNUZ!

………… AİLE MAHKEMESİ HAKİMLİĞİNE( aile mahkemesi yok ise hukuk mahkemesine)







1-Davacı müvekkil ile davalı 2000 Yılından bu yanadır evlidirler. Ancak evlilik birliğinin ilk ayından itibaren davacı, davalının psikolosik ve fiziksel şiddetine maruz kalmaktadır. Doktor raporları ektedir.

2-Müvekkile evlendikten sonra başlayan kavgalar sonrası hor, hakir, kötü muameleye maruz kalmıştır. Müvekkileye, anne ve babasını ziyaret etmesini yasaklamıştır.

3-Davalı, evlilik birliği süresince bir gün bile eşine ,şefkat ,sevgi göstermemiştir..Davalı müvekkileye sık sık “seni sevmiyorum ,senden nefret ediyorum ,doğacak piçinden ve senden kurtulmak için uğraşıyorum ,ama senin gibi bir geri zekalı bunu anlamıyor ,benim için zaten değerli olan benim ailem diyerek evlilik birliğine devam etmek istemediğini göstermiştir.

4-Tüm bu olanlar göstermektedir ki ,kutsal evlilik birliği temelinden sarsılmış ve evlilik birliğinin devamının da bir yararı kalmamıştır.

5-Müvekkilim evliliği süresince davalı eşin bütün kusurlu hareketlerine katlanmış maddi ve manevi varlığını bu evliliğe harcamıştır.Bu nedenlerle müvekkilimin uğradığı zararı,çektiği acıyı ,üzüntüyü ve elemin ağırlığına ,karşı tarafın yoğun ve tam kusurlu bulunmasına ,tarafların sosyal ekonomik durumlarına göre istenen maddi ve manevi tazminatında gerçekçi olduğun anlaşılacaktır..

11- Davalı eş tam ve yoğun kusurlu olarak sebep olduğu bu ayrılık nedeni ile doğacak tazminat ve takı iadelerinden kurtulmak amacı ile evini ve arabasını satışa çıkarmıştır.Davalının kasıtlı olarak müvekkileden mal kaçırmaya amaçlayan bu davranışı nedeni ile …………. plakalı aracına ve ………………. adresindeki gayrimenkulüne ihtiyadi tedbir konulmasını da talep ediyoruz.

12-Yukarda belirttiğimiz nedenlerle fiilen bitmiş olan bu evliliğin hukuken de sona erdirilmesini sağlamak amacıyla işbu boşanma davasını ikame ediyoruz

HUKUKİ SEBEPLER : M.K..sair ilgili hukuki mevzuat

SUBUT SEBEPLERİ : Nüfus kaydı,tanık ifadeleri,sair her türlü yasal delil

SONUÇ : Yukarda arz ve izah edilen sebeplerle

1-Tarafların Boşanmalarına

2-100.000YTL maddi ve 50.000 YTL manevi tazminata

3-Müvekkileye düğün hediyesi olarak takılan altın takıların aynen iadesine, ayneniadesi mümkün olmadığı takdirde günlük değeri üzerinden hesaplanmak suretiyle tahsiline

4- Aracına ve gayrimenkulüne İHTİYADİ TEDBİR VAAZINA

5- İleride yoksulluk nafakasına dönüştürülmek üzere müvekkile için aylık 900 milyon TL tedbir nafakasına ,muhakeme masraf ve ücreti vekaletin davalı tarafa tahmiline karar buyrulmasını bilvekale saygı ile arz ve talep ederim.

Davacı VeKİLİ


Boşanma dilekçenizi alıp, bağlı bulunduğunuz ilin adliyesine gitmeniz gerekmektedir. Adliyedeki tevzi bürosuna dilekçenizle müracaat ettikten sonra, buradaki görevli kaydınızı yapacak ve dava içeriğine göre size harç ve masrafları hesaplayarak bir belge şeklinde verecektir. Bu belgeyi alıp yazan tutarları mahkeme veznesine yatırmanız gerekmektedir. Harç ve masraflar da yatırıldıktan sonra makbuz ve dilekçe tevzi bürosuna teslim edilir.

Çekişmeli boşanma davası için ilk işlemlerinizi yaptıktan sonra tarafınıza duruşma günü ve saaati tebliğ edilecektir. Belirtilen saatte mutlaka duruşmaya katılımınız( bizzat yahut avukatınız aracılığı ile) gerekmektedir. Aksi takdirde davanız müracaata bırakılır. Dosya işlemden kaldırıldığı tarihten itibaren bir ay geçmeden yenileme istenirse harçsız,bir ay geçmiş aöa üç aç geçmemişse harçlı olarak yenilenebilir. Ancak üç ay geçtiği halde yenilenmeyen davalar açılmamış sayılır ve bu sonuç iki önemli hukuki durum yaratır;
Birincis, hak düşürücü ve zamanaşımı sürelerini etkiler;
İkincisi ise; karşı tarafa vekalet ücreti hükmedilmesine neden olur.
Bu sonuçları da düşünerek davanızı mutlaka takip ediniz.


“Oh botherations”, said she with one eye closed as if seeing with two eyes would be  more horrible. The scene was grotesque like the ones in a Fellini film. There was a beef steak in man’s mouth and he was really hungry but his tounge was tied with a thin golden rope so that it would be impossible to eat. All his body was chained to a table. Determined looks in his eyes gave the impression that it was all intentional. Of course somebody must have harmed him with actions or words or whatever but the woman in bewilderment was sure that the man tied up his own tounge for preventing anything to be swallowed by his mouth. The rest of the actions being taken was not an issue for him. They could chain him, beat him or they could even kill him as long as he somehow wouldn’t eat anyting…

She,without any question, unchained the body. He was naked and covered with mud and dried blood all over. She tore up the curtain to clean him. He was like a statue, didn’t even looked like he was in pain. They hugged each other because when she discovered the body, the padlocks of the gigantic building was opened immediately. When the feet were taking the steps to sunshine, they gazed at the butterflies…

All the way up to my Comet

I don’t remember the reason why I’ve started this journey but damn sure I know how I’ve got here. If you go to my room, you’ll see the biggest map of the stars on my long rectangular wooden desk. Lots of sticky colorful notes on it. My way of thinking quickly made the assumptions from all of those calculations as I was wandering in that room. Every square meter gave me another dream of my machine. You can guess how many ideas I developed in 200 square meters, hell right it was a large room!

I can recall the time of euraka, when I was looking through the trapezium window on the ceiling. That window was located exactly at the same location of polar star. You wouldn’t believe me when I’d say I had talked with Genji( polar star’s name, she told me); so I won’t tell you.

The machine I discovered, had needed so many enhancements. Finally I gave the shape of a pyramid to it so that all the little buttons can be reached while I sit at the base. Don’t imagine it as an oblique pyramid, it is a regular one with a regular polygon base. Not colorful though. Do you remember the invisibility cloack of Harry? Then you can imagine it now. It is not perceptible for the living; inside of it is covered with orange lateral faces. My control chair is nothing but orthodox so it is a black leather one. I can’t say all the colors of those buttons but think yourself as a bird flying over the most magnificent flower field of many colors.            

Coordinates 36.9908° N, 35.3266° E

Height 186,5 cm 

Base 230.4 cm 

There you are sharing what I know about the looks of the ultimate machine .
The first move took hours. I got frustrated by the noises coming from the motor engine located between the base and the right lateral face. I regretted not having enough towels to dry my smelly sweat. Once the apex arose from the open trapezium window , I knew there was no coming back…