Masal Kadın

Bir süre önce yaşamayı bıraktım. Bana göre değil size göre… 

Herşey bir masalla başladı. Masalın ana kahramanı cengaver bir kadındı, ne prensesti ne de hanımdı. Tek başına bir kulübede yaşayan bu insan evladı, küçücük tarlasında her meyvenin sebzenin tadına vardı. Boydan boya kitaplıklarla dolu kulübesinde, çeşit çeşit kelimeleri okuyup, ahşap sandalyesinin üzerinde dünyanın türlü hallerini tanıdı. Dar geldi sonra duvarları ve toprakları. Yanına erzak alıp yolları arşınladı. Dere tepe düz gitti, yorulunca konakladı bir krallıkta. Önce korktu herkes beynelminel güzellik taşımayan bu kadından. Sonra bir dilencinin muhabbetiyle girdi hayatlarına. Teker teker sofralarına daldı. Her çatının altında; önce garipseyen gözlerle karşılanıp, tebessümlü cümlelerle uğurlandı. Kralın kulağına gitti sohbetler, koca göbekli kral kadını ayağına çağırdı. Nedir hikmetin diye sordu adam kadına? Kadın gülümsedi, hikmetim yüreğimdedir dilimden dökülür etrafıma, dedi insan evladı. Anlat dedi adam, bu gökler nasıl oldu, topraktan nasıl fışkırdı yeşil, nerede dünyanın sonu, hayatın sırrı nedir? Kadın sustu, hafif bir burukluk belirdi çehresinde. Yanlış sorular sorarsın ey kadim yetkili, ben sana seni anlatırım sen ordan erdemlenirsin, tebaan korkaktır , sakınır her sözünden, krallığın büyüktür ama buğdaydır tek ektirdiğin, göklere el açtırırsın ilim bilenin olmadan. Kadınların gülmez erkeklerin eve girmez. Nesillerin askerlikte perişan. Bir kapı var beyninde aç onu. Dağıt varını yoğunu. Gücün sonu hüsrandır hayallerin batacak. Koskaca krallığında sadece dert yaşayacak. Kızlar kara leke erkekler bıçak olacak. Sıyrıl giysilerinden yürü topraklarını. Kocaman bir kütüphaneye çevir odalarını. Hayatın sırrı yıldızlarda sense yerin kat kat dibinde. Verilmez cevaplar haketmeyene…

Masalın sonunu bilmiyorum, sayfaları kayıptı. Daldım rüyalar alemine sen de 1000 yıl ben diyeyim milyon gece. Dere tepe düz gittim, bilinmeze doğru. Yaşamayı bıraktım size göre…

Severe Intentions of Jonathan Grave

Step inside the mind of Jonathan Grave. He was born in a very dull day. Son of an alcoholic father, never felt the hands of his mother. No one can recall anything extraordinary about his presense during his childhood and young adult days.An invisible being breathing amongst people. It will appear to be hard to believe in such a story but indeed some woman tried to sit down at that bus to Birmingham from London which is of course very natural to have a seat but Jonathan was already sitting in that particular seat. He was invisible to the bone. Anyway, everything has changed. The way he was, the appeareance he had, the words he spoke, the path he chose; everything…

The Thursday came in a sunny mood. His window was open and the rays of sunlight woke him up like a lover. He stood in front of the bathroom mirror after a hot shower. The face was neat and sharp. The face was smooth like silk. The face was clever and charming. He gazed, tried to figure out this new guy. The muscles joined the scene. The shoulders and that stomach puzzled his mind. And the uneaten finger nails made him think that his soul was captured by another body. A real misery for an accountant , living zero adventure..

The wardrope was full of elegant and expensive suits. He wore Brioni Vanquish II, looked sharp as a knife in that soft and light tailoring. He put on leather derby brogues by Burberry, the best workhorse shoes. Final comb motion and there he was ready to face the world.

He wanted to take his ordinary watch which his grandad gave him in his sixteenth birthday. It was his custom behaviour to take off the watch and leave it on the kitchen counter. The door of the kitchen was moving back and forth. Creepy feelings covered his body as the dark liquid struck his sight. Tip toe to his kitchen and he found out… It was the watch laying on the floor, bleeding to death violantly. The watch cried his name, called him a murderer. All the time was devoured…


Yorgunluk ağır bir yorgan gibi kapladı tüm bedenini. Parmak uçları kıpırdayamamaktan karıncalanmaya başlamıştı.30 metrekarelik , tıkış tıkış eşya ile dolu bu odada, 180*200 ebatlarındaki bu yatakta, karanlıkta ve açlıkta karşılamıştı benliğini. İnsanın vücudunda ki sinirler, hormonlar, yağlar ve kaslar ne işe yarardı? Ne için vardı kollar ve bacaklar? Beyninin nöronları nelere tepki verirdi? Oksijeni çekti tıkalı olmayan sol burun deliğinden. Sağ tarafında ki eti aldırmadığına  pişman olmadı ilk kez. Bizzat kendiydi gözlerini kırpan. Öylece kalayım burada diye düşündü kalbi hala kan pompalarken. Renklerin, yemeklerin, teknolojinin, diğer beyinlerin uzağında kendi kendine yok oldu…

Psychology of the Devil

Bitter sweet sounds tickles his ears. If he turns right, hypocracy conquers; if he turns left, misery reveals. What if he was just a seeker to find rare evil deeds. No sunshine in his mind, all day wandering around. Indeed the soil is possessed by many dark souls to ruin another day. The white angelic masks tricks him sometimes. All the good will diminished in intensity thoughout these grounds. Oh poor seeker, you never had to seek, still running from one to another. You pray the young ones don’t grow soon. Just in them, you skip. 

Pronounciation and Foreign Accents while teaching English to your kids

-Consider that an enormous number of English teachers are not native speakers and have a foreign accent. This should not stop you from teaching, but make sure people can understand you and that the words are recognizable. The accent is not an issue as long as it is understood.

-Always use audio resources to listen with your baby.

-Even native speakers make mistakes but try to use correct grammer, and stay simple.

5 Good Websites to Access Kid’s Free Audio Books and Audio Stories

1- Meegenius

2- Storynory

3- Storyonlinr


5- Loyalbooks

An African Tale “The Man Who Never Lied” For Kids

During the english sessions with my baby, ı always wanted to use rare folks and tales. The following folk tale is very special. I strongly recommend it for reading. Have fun…

Once upon a time there lived a very wise man who never, ever lied. His name was Mamad. Mamad was famous all over the land, far and wide, for his reputation of always telling the truth.
The king heard about Mamad and ordered his subjects to bring him to the palace. He looked at the wise man and asked:
” Mamad, is it true, that you have never lied?” ” It’s true.”
“And you will never lie in your life?”
” I will never lie in my life.”
“Okay, tell the truth, but be careful! Lies are cunning! They get on your tongue easily.”
Several days passed and the king called Mamad once again. The king was determined to trick Mamad into lying. With a big crowd gathered all around, the king talked with Mamad as he prepared to go hunting. With one foot in his horse’s stirrup, he ordered Mamad:
“Go to my summer palace and tell the queen I will be with her for lunch. Tell her to prepare a big feast. You will have lunch with me then.”
Mamad bowed down to the king and then set off to find the queen. The king laughed and said:
“We won’t go hunting and now Mamad will lie to the queen. Tomorrow we will laugh on his behalf.”
But the wise Mamad went to the palace and said:

“Maybe you should prepare a big feast for lunch tomorrow, and maybe you shouldn’t. Maybe the king will come by noon, and maybe he won’t.”
“Tell me will he come, or won’t he?” asked the queen.

“I don’t know whether he got on his horse or whether he put his left foot on the ground after I left.”
Everybody waited for the king. He came the next day and said to the queen:
“The wise Mamad, who never lies, lied to you yesterday.”
But the queen told him about the words of Mamad. The king realized that the wise man never lies, and says only that, which he saw with his own eyes.


“Oh botherations”, said she with one eye closed as if seeing with two eyes would be  more horrible. The scene was grotesque like the ones in a Fellini film. There was a beef steak in man’s mouth and he was really hungry but his tounge was tied with a thin golden rope so that it would be impossible to eat. All his body was chained to a table. Determined looks in his eyes gave the impression that it was all intentional. Of course somebody must have harmed him with actions or words or whatever but the woman in bewilderment was sure that the man tied up his own tounge for preventing anything to be swallowed by his mouth. The rest of the actions being taken was not an issue for him. They could chain him, beat him or they could even kill him as long as he somehow wouldn’t eat anyting…

She,without any question, unchained the body. He was naked and covered with mud and dried blood all over. She tore up the curtain to clean him. He was like a statue, didn’t even looked like he was in pain. They hugged each other because when she discovered the body, the padlocks of the gigantic building was opened immediately. When the feet were taking the steps to sunshine, they gazed at the butterflies…