All the way up to my Comet

I don’t remember the reason why I’ve started this journey but damn sure I know how I’ve got here. If you go to my room, you’ll see the biggest map of the stars on my long rectangular wooden desk. Lots of sticky colorful notes on it. My way of thinking quickly made the assumptions from all of those calculations as I was wandering in that room. Every square meter gave me another dream of my machine. You can guess how many ideas I developed in 200 square meters, hell right it was a large room!

I can recall the time of euraka, when I was looking through the trapezium window on the ceiling. That window was located exactly at the same location of polar star. You wouldn’t believe me when I’d say I had talked with Genji( polar star’s name, she told me); so I won’t tell you.

The machine I discovered, had needed so many enhancements. Finally I gave the shape of a pyramid to it so that all the little buttons can be reached while I sit at the base. Don’t imagine it as an oblique pyramid, it is a regular one with a regular polygon base. Not colorful though. Do you remember the invisibility cloack of Harry? Then you can imagine it now. It is not perceptible for the living; inside of it is covered with orange lateral faces. My control chair is nothing but orthodox so it is a black leather one. I can’t say all the colors of those buttons but think yourself as a bird flying over the most magnificent flower field of many colors.            

Coordinates 36.9908° N, 35.3266° E

Height 186,5 cm 

Base 230.4 cm 

There you are sharing what I know about the looks of the ultimate machine .
The first move took hours. I got frustrated by the noises coming from the motor engine located between the base and the right lateral face. I regretted not having enough towels to dry my smelly sweat. Once the apex arose from the open trapezium window , I knew there was no coming back… 

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