Da Vinci’s Demons


“The upcoming Starz series centers on Leonardo da Vinci who fights to set knowledge free in a world where thought and faith are controlled.” says the AceShowbiz.com.
I watched the first episode last night. Leonardo the bastard meets the Turk and so the “order” begins…. The pilot was not making a sensation. The cues of Da Vinci’s character was improper but the costume design was brilliant.
“History is a lie that has been honed like a weapon by people who have suppressed the truth,” a voiceover says. “Centuries from now your own history will also be suppressed.”
These sentences sounds familiar to me like G. Orwell once said”“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” (1984)
The first episode couldn’t satisfy the expectations about the mystical occurance in the first place but the actor Tom Riley shows his best talent. I must also mention that the sex scenes were worst than the True Blood’s.
Although all the failing sides, the series will keep itself talked. In the end it’s about Da Vinci….

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